If you have carbon sequestered, you can be a supplier. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have. In the fight against the climate crisis, every offset counts.

Verify: We work with digital MRV providers, to use the latest technologies for rapid and accurate verification. Or, if you’ve already gone through verification, we can work with any methodology that’s been used.

Onboard: Verified carbon enters the DOVU Carbon Market and is immediately available to buyers. You can tell your story in your own words; after all, the quality of each offset matters.

Sell: You’re fully in control of pricing. And we simply take a small percentage of every sale made. There are no hidden fees, or made up charges.


We’re the destination for high quality and legitimate carbon offsets.

Source: You can procure from a marketplace of offsets covering the globe, any supplier size and any MRV. We’ve designed for interoperability, meaning that you can access supply from multiple markets, and keep up with your needs.

Analyse: Prior to making a purchase, you can review everything about each offset, including sequestration, verification methodology and any previous transactions. You can make sure that it’s the best choice for you.

Buy: In one click, you’ll make payment and receive a digital certificate confirming your ownership. The price displayed is the price you’ll pay – there are no hidden service or brokerage fees.

We also work with intermediaries. If you calculate carbon emissions on your customers’ behalf, we can work together to offset what can’t be reduced.


Our verification partners enable us to reduce the time (and cost) of onboarding carbon. Deploy your measurement and verification expertise to carbon projects all over the world, backed by our leading audit technology.

Collaborate: Bring your MRV into the DOVU ecosystem, and enable suppliers and buyers to access multiple markets. Our technology is designed for interoperability.

Grow: Suppliers that come into DOVU-powered markets are directed to our dMRV partners, for faster onboarding.

Impact: Support our mission to make carbon markets fit for purpose, and play their required role in tackling the climate crisis.