To fight the climate crisis, we need to do two things; reduce emissions, and offset what can’t be reduced.

For offsetting to work, we need carbon markets that work. And, currently, they don’t.

Our mission is to solve this.

We’ve developed technology to power efficient carbon markets, and enable them to achieve their potential.

Why? Because a world with more efficient carbon offset markets is better for buyers, suppliers – and the planet.

Explore the carbon market of the future

Our technology

We use DLT and other web3 technologies to bring carbon markets into the future.

  • Fast and cheap carbon onboarding.

    Suppliers, regardless of size, can get their carbon in front of buyers in a matter of days. And supply can keep up with demand.

  • Full auditability.

    Distributed ledger technology records every detail about a carbon offset. Which makes illegitimate offsets a thing of the past.

  • Market interoperability.

    We work with any MRV, so offsets have greater liquidity between markets. This means more choice for buyers, and improved pricing for suppliers.