Our 2023 Journey at DOVU

19 December 2023, BLOG POSTS

January: Collaborating with Hedera at DAVOS We started the year with a significant opportunity at Hedera’s DAVOS event, making a strong statement in the carbon credit world. This was more than just an event; it was a chance to put our mission on a global stage. Seeing our work in…

The Black Hole Prototype – Technical Walkthrough

20 June 2023, BLOG POSTS

In this post, we will learn about the creation of The Black Hole, a prototype for retiring digital carbon using smart contracts on the Hedera network. The article explores unique challenges and solutions associated with token allowance, association, and transfer. It further highlights the use of HashConnect and HIP-584 to…

Digital Carbon Retirement: Sacrifice NFTs to the Black Hole

20 June 2023, BLOG POSTS

We are excited to share the progress our team has made on the foundational aspects of the retirement protocol, addressing a burning issue on the Hedera network – the lack of a mechanism to burn assets such as NFTs. We present the Blackhole prototype, a solution designed to overcome this challenge and lay the groundwork for a comprehensive retirement protocol for carbon credits.

DOVU Governance Milestone: 3 Weeks, 6 Proposals, and a Stronger Community

21 April 2023, BLOG POSTS

Over the past three weeks, our dedicated community has actively engaged in discussions, proposal submissions, and voting on six different initiatives with the common goal of shaping DOVU’s future. Today, we want to share with you an overview of these proposals, our vision for DOVU’s governance, and the actions our…

Revolutionizing Carbon Credit Verification with DOVU’s dMRV Standard

14 April 2023, BLOG POSTS

Climate change is an urgent global issue, and innovative solutions are necessary to address it. One such solution is carbon credits, which have emerged as an essential tool for promoting sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, the process of verifying and issuing carbon credits can be time-consuming, expensive, and…

Bridging ESG and DeFi, how DOVU will unlock the next generation of carbon retirement.

15 December 2022, BLOG POSTS

Over the last year, DOVU has onboarded and sold out new carbon from farms all over the world. Now,  with a healthy pipeline of 9000 projects from a variety of partners, the future is bright.