Our 2023 Journey at DOVU

19 December 2023, BLOG POSTS

January: Collaborating with Hedera at DAVOS We started the year with a significant opportunity at Hedera’s DAVOS event, making a strong statement in the carbon credit world. This was more than just an event; it was a chance to put our mission on a global stage. Seeing our work in…


14 November 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Dovu is growing fast, with new Government contracts in India and new tools launching such as our AI onboarding solution, simplifying the lifecycle for this asset class like never before.  Our new DOVU token utility and ecosystem are being developed through partnerships and developer tools. As the leading unified infrastructure…

MMCM and DOVU are set to turbocharge the Indian Government’s eco-friendly car recycling Initiative

18 September 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Two Indian giants (MTC Group and NeML) have joined forces to accelerate the country’s race towards net zero, by forming Meta Materials Circular Markets (MMCM). This dynamic partnership is set to take center stage in India’s circular economy, with DOVU’s innovative technology the secret ingredient. The problem India is home…

Migrating to $DOVU, from $DOV – a smooth transition

11 September 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Hello DOVU Community, We’re at an exciting juncture in our journey and we are here to guide you every step of the way as we transition from $DOV to $DOVU. This post is your go-to guide, packed with all the information you’ll need to make this transition seamless and secure….

The new CEO of DOVU


Dovu is a long-term project and always has been. We are building a solution to scale carbon offset onboarding, verification, and selling. As we progress, monitoring side benefits such as biodiversity, soil health, and equity becomes increasingly critical. There is no Planet B We have formed industry-leading technology partnerships with…

The Black Hole Prototype – Technical Walkthrough

20 June 2023, BLOG POSTS

In this post, we will learn about the creation of The Black Hole, a prototype for retiring digital carbon using smart contracts on the Hedera network. The article explores unique challenges and solutions associated with token allowance, association, and transfer. It further highlights the use of HashConnect and HIP-584 to…