14 November 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Dovu is growing fast, with new Government contracts in India and new tools launching such as our AI onboarding solution, simplifying the lifecycle for this asset class like never before.  Our new DOVU token utility and ecosystem are being developed through partnerships and developer tools. As the leading unified infrastructure…

MMCM and DOVU are set to turbocharge the Indian Government’s eco-friendly car recycling Initiative

18 September 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Two Indian giants (MTC Group and NeML) have joined forces to accelerate the country’s race towards net zero, by forming Meta Materials Circular Markets (MMCM). This dynamic partnership is set to take center stage in India’s circular economy, with DOVU’s innovative technology the secret ingredient. The problem India is home…

Migrating to $DOVU, from $DOV – a smooth transition

11 September 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Hello DOVU Community, We’re at an exciting juncture in our journey and we are here to guide you every step of the way as we transition from $DOV to $DOVU. This post is your go-to guide, packed with all the information you’ll need to make this transition seamless and secure….

The Dawn of Decentralised Governance: Introducing DOV as a Governance Token

30 March 2023, PRESS RELEASES

Greetings, DOV community! We have some exciting news to share with you. The DOV token is now the governance token for our community. This transformation aims to foster a more decentralised and democratic environment, allowing our community members to have a say in the future direction of In this…

Dovu <> SaucerSwap partnership announcement

15 July 2022, PRESS RELEASES

We’re incredibly excited to mention our recent partnership with SaucerSwap which is all about ensuring that our users can acquire DOV in the easiest, cheapest way possible – taking advantage of SaucerSwap’s speed and cost advantages as a decentralised Application.   With Hedera, exchanges cost as little as 5 cents –…

DOVU becomes first recipient of HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Fund grant

10 March 2022, PRESS RELEASES

As The HBAR Foundation launches its Sustainable Impact Fund, DOVU has been announced as the first ever recipient of a grant from the foundation.  DOVU is building an audit trail that adheres to the IWA standards and leverages the open-source Guardian. On top of that, it’s building a decentralised marketplace…