Take a look at our key milestones; we want to show you the path we’re travelling.

We keep this under development, so check back for updates.

Q4 2022


Guardian Assets

Over the last 12 months, we have researched, designed, and created toolkits that enable us and the Hedera community to bring the guardian ecosystem into production for minting tokenised Carbon Offset assets. Our marketplace will now support Guardian integration in our live environment, which means that carbon sold is fully auditable on-chain from the moment of onboarding.


1 token equals 1 tonne

DOVU is adopting the standard of other major registries which ensure that one credit equals one tonne of carbon. Tokenised carbon credits on the DOVU marketplace are changed and to reflect a one credit equals one tonne of carbon ratio.


Decoupling of retirement, hold your carbon

Carbon assets as commodities are important financial assets, tokenisation allows for unparalleled access to DeFi and staking markets, upon purchase you may retire or receive your credits within your wallet.

Q1 2023


Demand-side API

Add integration for enterprise corporates to work with us directly to reserve and supply their clients with carbon.


3rd party verifier integration

The ability for us to add additional MRV systems to the DOVU platform to further make the verification of assets more accessible and increase buyer confidence.

Q2 2023


Supply-side API

Enhancing our onboarding features for suppliers of carbon credits, to meet the demands of our large corporate clients, making onboarding simpler and faster.