Paving the Way with dovuOS

Our roadmap is a testament to DOVU’s dedication to shaping the future of ecological credit management. It’s where our vision for dovuOS — the ultimate toolkit for scaling climate impact — comes to life, feature by feature.



Onboarding Wizard

This feature will act as a friendly guide for those initiating projects to supply carbon credits. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, the AI-driven wizard will facilitate a smooth initiation journey and hasten the time-to-market for such projects.


Automated Ecological Project Proposal Generation

DOVU will automate the process of generating ecological project proposals. This means a seamless progression from the initial planning stages to the execution, giving suppliers the tools to connect rapidly with verifiers, MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) actors, VVBs (Validation and Verification Bodies), or centralised carbon credit registries.


Alpha Release: Wizard

To fine-tune our services and ensure they meet the needs of users, a closed alpha test will be released to a select group of participants. Feedback from this group will be invaluable in honing our focus on additional benefits, such as biodiversity.



Onboarding Dashboards

User-friendly dashboards for suppliers will be introduced to create a clear interface between suppliers and verifiers. This interactive space will reduce friction in the verification process, facilitating a faster, smoother workflow.


Community Credits

After the verifier approves a project, this will trigger the minting of credits and make them available on the DOVU marketplace. Buyers can then access the relevant documentation and additional project benefits, all buyers will have the choice to purchase directly from the community derived onboarding.


Proof of Origin API

To fortify the integrity of data, we will launch an API that allows suppliers to submit project data that is immune to tampering and can be independently verified. This feature will foster a culture of trust and transparency in the digital carbon credit creation process.


Multi-Document Wizard Generation

To amplify trust in projects, we will launch a feature that allows for the creation of multiple documents to reinforce project evidence, from an array of different specifications that form unique wizards, this will empower new suppliers, the ability to provide verifiers all the information they require in the most frictionless way possible.



Charger: Connect Your Token

A protocol to eliminate the need for constant transaction signing, streamlining the user experience for interacting with decentralized platforms. By effortlessly connecting tokens to various services, Charger ensures efficient payments, simplifies usage, and unlocks a new level of accessibility for protocol users, all while strengthening the DOVU ecosystem.


Ecological Policy Tools

In order to become the backbone for digital ecological credits we plan to commence the development of a Command Line Interface tool. This tool is designed to simplify the process of creating custom carbon offset policies; from inception, to rapid sandbox testing, and deployment to the DOVU platform.


The dovOS langauge

Development for the internal use and rigorous testing of our bespoke domain specific language (DSL). This testing phase is crucial to ensure the functionality and reliability of the DSL, so that our platform can be use for anyone, not just developers. This tool will and power anyone to create and manage ecological and carbon credit methodologies, regardless of skill level.


Ecological API: End-to-end issuance, audit trail, and marketplace deployment

Allow full end-to-end API capability. With this, users can create methodologies using dovOS, verify a project, and issue it on the marketplace without needing to interact with the user interface. This level of automation reinforces DOVU’s role as a comprehensive solution for digital green credit issuance, due to the combination of service costs to DOVU will utilise tokens as realtime credits.


Policy management through the marketplace

To democratise the process of green credit policy management using dovOS. This integrated platform will enable non-developers to generate and manage ecological credit policies. Moreover, it will allow businesses to translate their unique needs into effective ecological credit policies with ease. By reducing complexity, this feature will make green credit policy creation accessible to all market participants.


dovOS Templates

We will amplify the utility of dovOS by enabling the creation and sharing of templates and examples for a range of ecological use cases. This will simplify policy creation and foster collaboration, bolstering DOVU’s role as the core infrastructure for digital green credit issuance.


Instant Digitisation of Ecological Credit Methodologies

Enable instant digitisation of any ecological credit methodology from any registry. This feature will support the rapid integration of a wide range of methodologies into the DOVU platform, solidifying our role as the main infrastructure for digital green credit issuance.



Quick Purchase Widget

Enterprised-grade widget integration for enterprise corporates to work with us directly to reserve and supply their clients with carbon, as an end-to-end solution.


Guardian Assets

Over the last 12 months, we have researched, designed, and created toolkits that enable us and the Hedera community to bring the guardian ecosystem into production for minting tokenised Carbon Offset assets. Our marketplace will now support Guardian integration in our live environment, which means that carbon sold is fully auditable on-chain from the moment of onboarding.


1 credit equals 1 tonne

DOVU is adopting the standard of other major registries which ensure that one credit equals one tonne of carbon. Tokenised carbon credits on the DOVU marketplace are changed and to reflect a one credit equals one tonne of carbon ratio.


Decoupling of retirement, hold your carbon

Carbon assets as commodities are important financial assets, tokenisation allows for unparalleled access to DeFi and staking markets, upon purchase you may retire or receive your credits within your wallet.


Governance Voting

Empower the DOV community to make a significant contribution by utilizing the DOV token as a governance mechanism. This allows token holders to actively participate in improving the DOVU platform.



DOVU has a highly enhanced platform to engage with any supply project, any community, and to reward individuals to connect with ecological and carbon projects.