We want to show you the path we’re traveling. Not just now but over the next 12 months. So take a look at our key milestones. Product creation lies at the heart of what we’re doing and where we aim to be.

Our roadmap is constantly evolving and we are continually adjusting it every quarter to meet our long-term goals and strategy.

Q4 2021


DOVU Hedera Bridge

Bridge your DOV tokens into Hedera’s token ecosystem. HTS-based DOV tokens are going to be at the core of our solutions and unlock new opportunities for micropayments of carbon emissions, rewards for early adopters.


Carbon Market Alpha

Open access for users and businesses to purchase offsets from DOVU, with a brand new look with updated features requested from our community.

Q1 2022


Carbon Onboarding

Allow DOVU to onboard farms onto our carbon network at scale.



DOVU’s new API enables businesses and developers to unlock the power of DOV, create new experiences, understand how much it costs to offset any crypto transaction, and add access gateways for new offsetting tools.

Q2 2022


Carbon MRV

The next stage of baking end-to-end trust into the minting of our Carbon Credits. Users can trust that different agents like farmers, verifiers, and auditors have signed off on the legitimacy of soil carbon.


Retired Carbon Portability

Any marketplace user can send their retired carbon credits to their own Hedera wallet for their own archival and custody needs.


Carbon SDKs

Our APIs will become more accessible for developers and businesses to utilizes in a range of different languages and frameworks to reduce the time to add offset capabilities.

Q3 2022


Offset Donations

Give consumers the ability to send an offset to a family or friend as a gift.


Geolocation Offsetting

Use location as a new criterion for real-time offset capabilities, now opt for supporting local communities when new offset is required.