We’re building the trust layer for carbon offset integrity.

We implement carbon sequestration practices to tokenise carbon credits. This makes it easy for organisations to offset their carbon footprints with carbon that’s sourced directly from farmers.

Firstly, they can identify how much carbon they need to offset their footprints (using our Carbon Calculator). And then purchase offsets on the DOVU Carbon Market.

Powered by Hedera Hashgraph, the DOVU Carbon Market is designed to facilitate offsetting in real-time.

And our DOVU utility token (DOV) provides access to the DOVU platform and marketplace.

The climate crisis we face affects all of us. That’s why our global community is open to all.


The planet needs help. We work with organisations that understand and support our mission to make crypto green.

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Juan Aja Agunaco

“…our industry has been heavily criticized for having a substantial environmental impact. This is a call to action. What DOVU is looking to accomplish is inspiring; we are proud to call ourselves partners of this ambitious yet vital project.”

Juan Aja Aguinaco - Co-founder of Shyft Network

Wes Geisenberger

“DOVU’s automated, transparent, and publicly auditable Proof of Carbon and Dynamic NFT approach is changing the way farmers remove carbon from the environment. This methodology opens up new means of compensation for farmers…”

Wes Geisenberger - VP Sustainability & ESG, HBAR Foundation


“DOVU’s innovative approach to carbon offsets brilliantly illustrates the power of a publicly auditable blockchain. We’re proud to be partnering with such a forward-looking company to deliver carbon neutrality to our platform.”

Mindspheres - Founder of RAINI


Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder, COO & Legal Counsel

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Nimrod Cohen

Head of Product

Senior Developer

Senior Developer


Our vision is to build a trust layer of carbon offset integrity.

We’re doing this by unlocking the carbon stored in soil and harnessing the power of decentralised finance to tackle crypto’s carbon footprint. All through a growing global community of farmers, crypto organisations and token holders.