Audit Trail

Our carbon market technology is designed to facilitate offsetting in real-time. Powered by Hedera Hashgraph, every transaction that takes place using DOVU technology is decentralised and fully auditable.

The whole story: We ensure that every step of the journey is covered, from supply to retirement of each carbon tonne.

Fully transparent: Using DLT, we offer complete transparency. Buyers can have full visibility of the projects they support. And auditors, and other interested parties, can access the same information.

Liquidity: Increased trust in each onboarded offset leads to legitimacy, and, therefore, greater liquidity.

Audit Trail


We’re MRV-agnostic, which means we can work with any supplier’s preferred MRV. Any project can be verified by any MRV source.

Comprehensive information:  A project that isn’t linked to a registry requires a broader body of evidence. This is why we facilitate the storing of MRV information from multiple providers, all in our audit trail. verification

Proof of origin: A dMRV provider can trust that carbon calculations – from data source to audit trail – are fully tamper-resistant.

dMRV directory: Becoming a partner with DOVU provides opportunities to connect with a wide range of suppliers of all sizes.



One-click purchasing

We believe that, in the future, every single purchase of a good or service will have offsetting embedded into the checkout process.

This begins with offset purchases.

Verified offsets: We work with offset marketplaces to facilitate a seamless purchase journey.

Integrated and frictionless: Purchase and certificate issuance can be done with just one click.

Regenerative finance collaboration: Although we currently work with partners on the Hedera network (including TYMLEZ), we have the flexibility to work with a range of infrastructure tools.



One-click purchasing