DOVU Governance Milestone: 3 Weeks, 6 Proposals, and a Stronger Community

Over the past three weeks, our dedicated community has actively engaged in discussions, proposal submissions, and voting on six different initiatives with the common goal of shaping DOVU’s future. Today, we want to share with you an overview of these proposals, our vision for DOVU’s governance, and the actions our team has taken to foster this incredible momentum.


In an effort to ensure a decentralized and transparent decision-making process, DOVU established a governance model that empowers the community to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future. Over the past three weeks, this model has enabled community members to voice their opinions and contribute to the development of various initiatives.

Proposals Voted On

Since our journey began three weeks ago, six different proposals have been released, with four being written and internally approved before entering the community vote. These include:

All of these proposals have received overwhelming support from the community. For those interested, the dMRV Standard proposal is still open for voting.

Increased Token Usage

Over the last three weeks, there has been a notable increase in the number of DOV tokens used for the governance process. Positive votes initially concluded at approximately 16 million, while the most recent proposals approached 20 million. This increase of approximately 15% highlights a strong signal in the governance platform, showcasing how community members can drive real change.

Community Proposals

It is worth noting that one-third of the proposals originated from community members beyond the core team, demonstrating the active participation and diverse perspectives within our community. For example, a mention of meme tokens was presented and subsequently rejected by the community. This demonstrates our community’s dedication to maintaining the vision and integrity of DOVU.

Next Steps for the Team 

The DOVU team is committed to formalizing the DIP process by creating a new GitHub repository. This will enable us to correctly archive all approved proposals, similar to Hedera’s approach. We will continue to use Google Docs as a mechanism for sharing ideas and gathering feedback, as it is the most accessible way for many community members to discuss thoughts and comment.

Our Ongoing Commitment

DOVU will continue to create proposals and wholeheartedly welcomes proposals from community members. We are grateful for your continued support and dedication to shaping the future of DOVU together.

Looking back on the past three weeks, it’s clear that our community-driven governance model has made significant strides. The fruitful collaboration between the core team and the community is a powerful testament to our shared commitment to advancing DOVU’s mission. As we continue on this journey, we eagerly anticipate an even stronger partnership and further growth, propelled by the dedication of our community members.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process. With 7 days left for voting on the Generic dMRV Standard proposal, we encourage you to participate. Click on this link to cast your vote, or join our Discord server to engage in discussions with the team. Your input is valuable, and we appreciate your collaboration as we work together to shape DOVU’s future.