DOVU VIP Program

Since its launch in 2017, DOVU has blossomed into a thriving project with an amazing community behind it. This not only drives our passion, but shows our mission grows stronger with each day. We hope you can see our commitment to saving the planet through the ingenious technology and strategic partnerships we have recently released. Together we can inspire and encourage DeFi-powered carbon capture across the globe.

Participant the DOVU MVP (beta) Testing

Now onto more pressing news. July 29th will be a historic day as we launch our DOVU NFT Issuance MVP – exciting we know! Participants chosen to take part will be known as VIPs, however there are only 15 slots available and those picked will based on two key criterias:

  1. You are a dedicated DOVU community member
  2. You share the same passion, values, and energy for DOVU as we do
  3. You are a part of the DOVU Liquidity Staking Programme (optional)

Our goal is to gain critical feedback on the MVP so we can make changes that you, our community, feel are important to the project and will ensure the overall experience is smooth and seamless. 

So what do you get out of it? Well – those chosen will be rewarded with $300 worth of DOV tokens, a DOVU supporter’s badge, and a very special DOVU VIP NFT.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please be part of DOVU Community and fill out the application now! 

>> Apply Here <<