Monthly Recap #2: Earth Week

Top News

Staking Beta Phase 3

On 11 April we sent out emails to everyone chosen to test out the staking platform for Phase 3. We onboarded another 350 people, bringing the total number of Beta users up to 500. 

We’re also pleased to announce that following Phase 3, public staking will soon be available in Q2. You can sign up to the waitlist here to ensure you’re notified when staking goes public. (Note: This is the same list that we’ve used throughout the Staking Beta, so if you signed up for the waitlist and didn’t get through, you’re already registered and will be notified when public access goes live). 

Hedera Hackathon

CTO, Matt, is currently working on a project for this year’s Hedera Hackathon. 

Earth Week Activities

EaRTH district panel w/ Krasina

Our Co-Founder and COO, Krasina Mileva, was invited to appear on a panel hosted by EaRTH District and University of Toronto Scarborough, speaking alongside Wes Geisenberger (HBAR Foundation) and Mike Grantis (Contango Digital Assets).

The discussion focused on to what extent cryptocurrency actually is ‘green’ and what role tokenomics play in incentivising and rewarding farmers for sequestering soil.

The full recording is now available in the post below.

Operation Blood Moon

The main event of Earth Week was our announcement of Operation Blood Moon – the first milestone in DOVU’s DAO journey.

Our community knows that we’re in this for the long-haul and so this is part of a 10-year vision. Essentially, we want to involve community members in the decision-making of the company. This will give us many more opportunities to reward the community for recognising our value, believing in our vision and trusting our future.

Community Highlights

DOV meme contest

In mid-April the DOVU community held a meme contest. Prizes included $DOV, merch, NFTs from various artists and more. 

We wanted to highlight this and showcase the creativity of all the DOVU supporters. Check out the thread for some great memes, animations and videos.

Useful links

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Speak to our team about registering land for carbon capture.