Publishing our Dataset to the Ocean Marketplace

Ocean Protocol has an incredibly rich marketplace full of amazing datasets for users to take advantage of, therefore we have posted our very first dataset on their market so users, farmers, and data scientists can all benefit!

By visiting the dataset here, users are able to uncover the ongoing carbon debt of every active Ethereum project in more depth than currently displayed on our CarbonMarketCap application. 

Below are the data fields that can be utilised:

  • contract_address
  • name
  • symbol
  • Kg_daily
  • culumative_kg_carbon_debt
  • kg_day_change
  • kg_week_change
  • percent_day_change
  • percent_week_change
  • Date

By creating this dataset we can get much better visibility for DOVU and the data that can be leveraged, as well as offer users an opportunity to add liquidity to the pool and earn from another form of passive income. 

Farmers will soon be able to join the DOVU Carbon Marketplace where they can upload their carbon data which is then published for sale, generating income. Farmers will also be able to publish their carbon data for sale on Ocean Market, creating yet another revenue stream. The partnership is extremely important as it expands the list of potential data sources on Ocean Market.

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