Unleash Your Potential with DOVU’s Sustainability Grants Program: Act Now!

DOVU, the trailblazing carbon credit project built on Hedera Hashgraph, is thrilled to introduce its groundbreaking Sustainability Grants Program. As we relentlessly pursue innovation, growth, and community engagement, we’re calling on YOU to actively contribute to the success of the DOVU platform through our community grant proposal system. We’ve devised four distinct grant tracks catering to a broad spectrum of proposals: Development, Marketing, Community, and Supply.

Elevate Community Engagement with the Sustainability Grants Program

After successfully implementing our governance platform for community token holders, DOVU is ready to revolutionize community engagement with our Sustainability Grants Program. Seize this opportunity to earn grants in the form of DOV tokens by participating in activities across four proposal tracks: Development, Marketing, Community, and Supply. By contributing to DOVU’s continuous growth, you’ll drive value, spark innovation, and fortify the platform’s market position.

🚀 Development Track:

Unlock your creativity by developing software projects that enrich the DOVU platform and support the community. Propel the platform forward by introducing ingenious solutions that enhance functionality, user experience, and overall performance.

📣 Marketing Track:

Amplify DOVU’s presence by submitting proposals centered around marketing initiatives that showcase the platform’s utility and governance. Note: Proposals solely promoting the DOV token without utility or governance context will be rejected.

🌍 Community Track:

Expand the DOVU community with non-technical work, such as blog post creation, community leadership, podcast hosting, or connecting core contributors to outreach and media opportunities.

💡 Supply Track:

Submit proposals demonstrating efforts to bring new supply to the DOVU platform or integrate dMRV technology to support supply verification. Help us broaden the platform’s reach and enhance its ability to accommodate diverse carbon credit projects.

🗳️ Voting Process and Timelines

Vote for DIP-2, the community grants program, starting today, Wednesday, April 5th, 2023. Voting will continue for two weeks, and you can view and comment on the proposal via this Google document. DOV token holders can participate in the voting process, ensuring that the DOVU community drives grant distribution across the four tracks. This democratic approach epitomizes our dedication to an inclusive and transparent platform that values its supporters’ input.

🌱 Shape the Future Together

The launch of DOVU’s Sustainability Grants Program, encompassing four diverse grant tracks, signifies a pivotal step towards a greener, more sustainable future. By empowering community members to engage in decision-making and rewarding their efforts, we aim to cultivate an ecosystem that flourishes through innovation, collaboration, and collective success. Join us now in molding the future of carbon credits and making a profound impact on the environment!