Building bridges with hashport

We’re always working to make DOVU more widely available. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that DOVU users can now access hashport through the Venly wallet.

What this means for DOV token holders

This signals two big developments:

  1. DOV token holders can now move from Ethereum to Hedera.
  2. DOVU is integrated with Venly.

And we’re contributing to the continued growth of the Hedera network as we bring new HBAR users over from the Ethereum ecosystem. Thanks to Venly’s integration with hashport, DOV token holders can move digital assets between networks.

What is hashport?

hashport is the enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks. This extends their functionality in a quick, secure, cost-effective way. hashport functions without the use of a proprietary token in order to remain platform-neutral.

Since its launch in November 2021, hashport has enabled users to migrate digital assets between different DLT networks with security, speed, and economy. hashport currently connects the Hedera, Polygon and Ethereum networks (and there’s more on the way this year). 

“DOVU is a perfect example of how distributed applications can benefit greatly through leveraging hashport. While migrating their basis of operation to a more eco-friendly network, DOVU is simultaneously able to expand access of their service offering to any other hashport connected network,” said Jesse Whiteside, Director of Business Development, hashport.

Why Venly?

As a blockchain technology provider, Venly helps blockchain projects onboard their users by providing blockchain agnostic wallets. The native solution also works on mobile devices.

We decided to focus on Venly because it felt like one of the most user-friendly wallets around. With its NFT functionality, it acts as a wallet and market in one. This is the second wallet to integrate with DOVU, after MetaMask.

Gerbert Vandenberghe, COO, Venly comments on the significance of this move. “Interchain operability will become more important as it allows projects to switch to the newest chains with the best technology and community. Certainly, with the metaverses, it will allow users to bring your assets to multiple metaverses irrespectively of the chain they are built on.”

Crypto holders should have the flexibility to move between blockchains. hashport provides a comprehensive and secure infrastructure. This means that DOV token holders can manage them as they wish.

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