Our 2023 Journey at DOVU

January: Collaborating with Hedera at DAVOS

We started the year with a significant opportunity at Hedera’s DAVOS event, making a strong statement in the carbon credit world. This was more than just an event; it was a chance to put our mission on a global stage. Seeing our work in action, helping offset a major event’s carbon footprint, was both rewarding and inspiring. It set the tone for the year – ambitious, impactful, and collaborative.

February: Integrating with Tymlez

February brought a major advancement with Tymlez. Our carbon offsetting purchase widget integrated into their system, marking our entry into aiding governmental environmental efforts in Australia. This integration meant our tools were now actively helping reduce carbon footprints on a governmental level, a significant step towards wider impact.

March: Paris Blockchain Week and Community Empowerment

Our founders Irfon and Krasina represented us at Paris Blockchain Week, placing us in the heart of global discussions about climate finance. But it wasn’t just about being on the panel; it was about bringing those insights back to our community. We also launched our governance platform, which in retrospect gave every member in our community a real say in our direction.

April: Product Launches and Setting Standards

April was a whirlwind month for DOVU. We opened pre-orders for UNDO Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) credits and launched sustainability grants to engage the community in our mission. A significant highlight was the establishment of the Generic dMRV standard, a foundation for our future in ecological credit verification and management. Furthermore, our solution gained prestigious acknowledgment as it was referenced as a key use case of Hedera at the US Congress. This recognition at such a high level of government not only validates our efforts but also positions us at the forefront of discussions on sustainable technology and policy. Finally every member of our community has the opportunity to join our sustainability grants program, this was voted in through governance. 

May and June: Blackhole Protocol and Sharing Knowledge

During these months, we focused heavily on technology, introducing our Blackhole Protocol on testnet. It was a showcase of how we believe retirement of carbon credits should be handled. This period was also about deepening our knowledge sharing, with blog posts and discussions that invited developers to engage with our technology.

July: Partnerships and Overcoming Challenges

July was a mix of highs and lows. We worked with the DLT Science Foundation to offset their events, video credit Max Walker-Williams. However, the Polynetwork hack posed a significant challenge, testing our resilience. We also started developing an AI wizard platform to simplify onboarding for new types of carbon and ecological credits – for any project developer.

August: Community-Led Token Migration

In August, we faced a major decision – migrating to a new token on Hedera. It was our community that led this decision, and we dedicated ourselves to making the transition as smooth as possible. This was a clear demonstration of our commitment to our community’s needs and our flexibility in adapting to changes.

September: $DOVU Tokens and Expanding Horizons

September saw us successfully migrating the new $DOVU token and forming a partnership with MMCM. This partnership was unique, focusing on creating ecological credits for recycling end-of-life vehicles in India. It was a month of new beginnings and expanding our impact.

October: Empowering Through AI and Enhancing Our Marketplace

In October, we launched our AI platform for onboarding carbon offset suppliers, a tool designed to make the complex world of carbon credits more accessible. We also formed a partnership with Savimbo, supporting biodiversity and indigenous communities. Improvements to our marketplace meant a broader range of ecological credits were now available, opening up more opportunities for positive environmental action.

November: Visioning the Future with dovuOS

This November, we started sharing our big vision – dovuOS, an operating system for the sustainability market. It’s about making sustainability simple and accessible to all, a core part of our philosophy. Revealing this vision was about inspiring and preparing for a future where sustainability is integrated into every aspect of life.

Furthermore we supported the Guardian community with a trained GPT to help efforts to map sustainability vocabulary to properties saving hundreds of hours, namely the DOVU Ecological Credit Consultant, producing resources that use language from the IWA.

December: Launches and Setting the Stage for 2024

As the year wound down, we launched ELV credits on the mainnet and undertook a major overhaul of our guardian systems. These steps were crucial in preparing for the rollout of dovuOS. December was about laying the groundwork for what we believe will be a transformative year ahead.

On Reflection

As we reflect on the past twelve months, it’s clear that 2023 was a year of tremendous growth, challenges, and breakthroughs for DOVU. From forging meaningful partnerships to developing innovative technologies and responding dynamically to the needs of our community, we’ve not just achieved goals but have set new benchmarks for ourselves and the industry.

Each step we took this year, whether it was launching new platforms, entering partnerships, or enhancing our governance models, was guided by our core belief: making sustainability simple, accessible, and impactful. We ventured into new territories, not just geographically but in the realms of technology and community engagement, always keeping our mission at the forefront.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are filled with a sense of excitement and responsibility. The groundwork laid in 2023 has prepared us for the ambitious rollout of dovuOS and other initiatives that we believe will significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. Our journey is not just about DOVU; it’s about each individual and organization that joins us in our mission to create a more sustainable world.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our team, our partners, and especially our community. Your support, feedback, and participation have been invaluable. As we step into 2024, we do so with the confidence that together, we can continue to make a real difference for our planet.

Here’s to a year filled with promise, innovation, and collective action. Let’s make 2024 a year where we not only continue our journey but accelerate towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.