Dovu is growing fast, with new Government contracts in India and new tools launching such as our AI onboarding solution, simplifying the lifecycle for this asset class like never before. 

Our new DOVU token utility and ecosystem are being developed through partnerships and developer tools.

As the leading unified infrastructure platform for digital ecological credits, this is an exciting time for Dovu and nothing is more important than building a business that can positively impact our climate emergency. With this in mind, the Board has decided that I should continue as CEO, building on the work of the last few years.

My co-founder Krasina Mileva will continue to help from her role as Director and Legal Advisor. 

The technical success we have achieved requires capital to reach our potential. We will be starting our new funding round this year. This will be our first equity fundraiser since we were founded in 2017. 

I look forward to the next chapter in our story.

Thank you for being part of it.

Irfon Watkins