DOV Liquidity Program V3

Over the last 3 months, our rewards program has distributed 3m DOV  to our LPs, building over $1.2m in real liquidity.

Ahead of the launch of our marketplace and audit trail, we are pleased to announce our new V3 Liquidity Pool.

This will run for 180 days, distributing 500,000 DOV every 30 days.

The new pool will be live from the 28th October 2021. To join the new Pool you will need to remove your Liquidity from the V2 pool and then add it to V3 Pool.

There is no rush, although rewards will end in the V2 Pool on the 27th of October.

As we move into Q1 2022, with Hedera bridging, new liquidity partners, and a thriving marketplace demonstrating DOV utility, we will look at new initiatives to reduce external token velocity 

Thank you for your support!

You have tokens in the existing pool program, what to do next? 

If you wish to be part of the new program, you will need to withdraw your tokens from the existing DOV liquidity program and then restake within the new contract. We will provide the link to our new contract on our social channels.

The existing link will stay open for the foreseeable future so there is no urgency unless you want to earn more DOV.

You can simply withdraw your DOV tokens and utilise them within our ecosystem by carbon offsetting some of your actions.

If you want to know more about the program and how it works, click here.