DOVU and Raini: the art of protecting the planet

DOVU is delighted to announce that Rainicorn, a new NFT platform, will be joining our growing list of strategic partners. The team at Rainicorn recognises the importance of growing a successful business and community on the blockchain while being mindful of the environmental impact that is associated with transactions.

The Rainicorn team have been driven to do more on the issue, after witnessing the devastation caused by bushfires across their native Australia last year.

Mindspheres, Rainicorn co-founder and project lead, remarked that:

The rise of NFTs has presented a wonderful opportunity for artists to realise higher value for their works and fair compensation for an incredibly skilled discipline. However, in launching our platform, we did not want to overlook the devastating impact that climate change is having on the world, and the part that NFTs as well as cryptocurrency more broadly has to play in that process.

Working with DOVU, Rainicorn can reassure their artists and community that the platform will be carbon neutral – every NFT minted on the network will now be carbon offset using the DOVU API and cDOV Marketplace. All of this will be publicly auditable via the blockchain.

Carbon neutrality brings many benefits. Up until now, many artists that the Rainicorn team are in discussions with have been torn about launching their work on NFT platforms due to their environmental concerns.

Mindspheres notes that the reception from artists has been effusive. “After hearing about our push for carbon neutrality, many artists who would not have considered tokenising their work are now in active discussions with us about how they can be a part of our platform.”

”We are proud to be working with a forward thinking business such as Rainicorn. They understand that to achieve your global aspiration, you do not have to ignore social responsibility. This is a vital message we both want to share in the run-up to Earth Day and beyond”, said Irfon Watkins , CEO and founder of DOVU.

Commenting on the Partnership, Mindspheres, co-founder of Rainicorn, said:
”Dovu’s innovative approach to carbon offsets brilliantly illustrates the power of a publicly auditable blockchain. We’re proud to be partnering with such a forward-looking company to deliver carbon neutrality to our platform. It’s serendipitous that our engagement with DOVU happened to come together just as Earth Week commences, and we are excited to take this positive step towards addressing emissions associated with NFT transactions.”

About Rainicorn:

Rainicorn is a deflationary NFT farming token which allows its holders to mint limited edition NFTs and trading cards created by talented artists. The platform is also launching an NFT Artist Toolkit which will enable creators to mint innovative Evolving NFTs. Plus, a trading card game is in the works, as well as physical fulfilment of NFT items.


About DOVU:

DOVU is a protocol that aims to offset every crypto transaction globally. We empower local communities by unlocking the carbon in the soil under their feet. Our mission is to connect the entire crypto community through fun and frictionless interactions with our platform, where they can offset their crypto transactions or anything else by supporting farmers globally!

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