DOVU Certificates: Carbon offset you can trust

Healing the planet is a 24/7/365 operation. Such is the extent of the climate crisis, those in the world who are innovating to tackle the challenges we face must do so at speed.

We get this. That’s why we’re moving fast. Time then to tell you about the imminent release of our Carbon Marketplace with its unique DOVU certificates. Each one sets out a simple truth: carbon is getting locked into the ground.

What are DOVU certificates?

Anyone who offsets their carbon using cDOV will receive a DOVU certificate.  Thanks to Hedera Hashgraph, users can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that carbon has been successfully retired. No BS. No hype. No half-baked baloney. Instead, they’ll have an immutable record to show anyone and everyone who asks to see it.

Let’s follow this journey. A user picks out a carbon capture project. They purchase cDov through Stripe and dive into the ecosystem. From the off, they can see the certificate for offsetting their carbon footprint. It triggers feelings of relief and euphoria. What matters is they’re doing their bit.

They’ll also receive an email confirming the retirement amount (in tonnes) alongside a link to view their certificate of proof.

Only authenticated users will have access to their own certificates on the platform. What’s more, users can download and verify individual certificates allowing them to share the vital carbon-capturing facts with trusted third parties.

It’s all coming together.

Each profile will house an option to add a company. This means businesses can feature on certificates and, in doing so, proudly demonstrate they’re taking appropriate steps to become more environmentally friendly. 

The fact is there’s no limit to how much can be offset. Feel free to keep adding to your collection!

So how does this work?

DOVU uses Hedera’s proof-of-stake network. We consider it to be the perfect environment to issue tokenized carbon credits to any person, business, or government in an inexpensive and sustainable manner. 

This means anyone can get involved in funding projects which remove, capture, or sequester carbon from the environment. Healing the planet never felt so good (or easy).

So how can we prove all of this? What will instill confidence that the numbers can be trusted? 

This is where Hedera Hashgraph effortlessly leaps the fence and starts confidently striding across the field. It’s role is to ensure that the location and carbon quantity are publicly verifiable. What you see is what there is. 

Once completed, an NFT is minted. This represents the proof of carbon in the ground. From here, it can be placed for sale on the DOVU marketplace for crypto types to snaffle it up and do their bit for humanity.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there could be another level of certainty? An extra layer that helps confirm the data is accurate and trustworthy? Well, there is.

Baked into each DOVU certificate will be a QR code containing a Hedera State Proof which clients can use to request a record of the transaction. 

These state proofs provide additional cryptographic verification that the data is legitimate. 

A Hedera State Proof data structure is returned as part of a query response therefore validating the information. 

As each state proof will be cryptographically signed by a super majority of the network, users can rest assured in the security.

Sounds clever, because it is, but more importantly it reinforces the simple fact that this is a mission and methodology basking in the sunshine of truth and certainty.

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