Tokenomics of DOV

(Token distribution as of 10th September 2021) Total DOV Minted 963,761,390 Circulating Supply 303,446,811 Project controlled tokens 620,314,576  Token Distribution Model Reserve – 25%  Growth Fund – 30%  Team – 15% 

Tokens will only be used for the benefit of the project. 

DOV Token Design

The main objective in cryptoeconomics is to design token economies that will grow in utility value over the long haul. Early on, when application utility is low, tokens need to secure value for the network by offering financial utility (to overcome bootstrapping) and token appreciation — low velocity helps with this. Yet, too much speculative holding leads to artificial economic gains. Without financial utility and upside appreciation, tokens risk higher velocity and being liquidated for other currencies. Therefore, a critical goal should be to create mechanisms that allow users to both use and hold tokens as the economy takes shape. Furthermore, monetary and fiscal policies should work to maintain price growth and stability of the token.

DOV Utility

  • Fee reduction – Holding DOV within your account/wallet will entitle companies and individuals to a significant fee reduction both on the buy-side and the sell-side of our marketplace
  • Audit Trail – DOV will be used to track and audit all transactions within our ecosystem, the DOV used for these purposes will default to the treasury and be removed from circulation
  • Staking – Single side staking will be launched enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from holding DOV
  • Liquidity – Share of LP fees and further incentives to help improve liquidity
  • Access – DOV will be required to access our growing suite of tools such as Carbon Calc and Carbon Market Cap
  • API – Access will only be available to token holders
  • Swap DOV for Carbon – This will be an option in the future, however the reality is that communities like to use stable coins or fiat to purchase and hold tokens for other utility. We cannot focus our business on hoping this community mentality will change in the near term. All of the above will help reduce the external velocity of the token and increase the internal velocity, essential behavior within a healthy token ecosystem. Increased utility and managed velocity will result in increased value of DOV.


These are essential and we will continue to support all the main DEX We recognise that a top 5 CEX is also required and we will continue our discussions with these companies. However unlike DEX the listing decision is not ours.