Introducing: Operation Blood Moon

“The streets will turn blood red and screams will be our currency”.

Operation Blood Moon is the first milestone in our long-term vision for DOVU to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (or DAO for short). This road will take us on an adventure spanning the next 10 years.

Eventually, we want to involve the community members that hold DOV in the decision-making of the company. Their decisions will be paramount to every part of the business, including product and treasury management. And we see a future where different communities can cross-collaborate in an equitable manner.

To make this a reality, one of our aims is to work with Cooper Kunz and the team at Calaxy. Some features will be easier to implement and thus will arrive sooner, such as off-chain voting. This will enable everyone to contribute to our plans for the future.

Even today, community members are rewarded for supporting the project. As time goes on this will evolve into proposals, voting, and more. We’ll be able to directly reward carbon offsetting projects and get off the ground with tokens and we’d also like to propose the implementation of liquidity pools – similar to Ocean Protocol’s data market.

But ser, why this name?

The Web3 industry has grown rapidly. This means there are major opportunities for individuals to become part of larger communities, to collaborate and contribute to any project. The days are gone when projects would sit back idly, talking but not listening, creating products for profit rather than collaboration. This new world is open – it’s about ownership and finding your tribe.

DOVU’s core mission is to create the trust layer for carbon offset integrity. But we also want to recognise and interact with the community in this space, particularly in the Hedera ecosystem. Since 2020, we’ve committed to migrating our product suite and token to the network. We’re building early, and we’re doing it for the people that see our vision, our value and trust our future.

In truth, the community around us sustains us and as such provides us with the opportunities to reward early adopters. And ultimately, we have fun doing it. Leaning into the culture helps us carve out our identity.

The Blood Moon will be observed on 16 May, so make sure you’re ready. 

An overview of the Operation

We want to drain as much DOV liquidity as possible from Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks in the near future.

In Q2, our Staking Platform will open to public access. In preparation, we’ve taken a HTS Snapshot of all the early adopters that bridged DOV, with a 10 million DOV reward for the support this year. We aim to reduce the liquid supply on the public market even further as we release more utilities, such as reputational staking, to lock up DOV for longer periods of time.

DOV has always been at the core of our vision in driving utility to the project. However, through our continued R&D, the consideration that we need to explore value beyond simple ideas (such as access or redemption) has always been prevalent. 

This is why we’re extremely excited to have the opportunity to build out a reputational staking utility. This will reinforce any actor created on the Guardian in an equitable manner, for the minting and verification of any ESG asset, powered by DOV.

For any token to gain sizable traction, it is imperative that its core utility extends beyond that of its parent project. This solves a burning pain for an entire ecosystem.

How will Operation Blood Moon work?

We needed a solution that could help us solve one of the biggest conflicts we have as we move forward and grow our community. Currently, we have a large DOV treasury. The question is: How do we distribute this in a fair way? 

Our ideal vision for this project will include implementing a user experience flow that looks like this:

  1. A user navigates to the Carbon Calculator
  2. They then add their Ethereum wallet address, with Metamask
  3. The Carbon Calculator calculates the user’s carbon footprint based on their gas usage and transactions on the Ethereum network
  4. In addition, we’ll scan a wallet to see if it holds any tokens related to ESG projects from our whitelist, and provide a multiplier for an additional allocation
  5. The user will then have an option to create and connect a Hedera account with a corresponding email

We’ll distribute DOV and, in doing so, auto-generate a marketplace account for the user, with a corresponding email upon completion.

The benefits for users

While that seems like a lot of steps, by distributing DOV this way the tokens will be on the Hedera side automatically. This ultimately fast-tracks users into the staking state. The goal is to eliminate gas costs, to have no requirement to bridge and to be as frictionless as possible.

We want every user of the Carbon Calculator to have access to more benefits when they connect their Metamask wallet, instead of a purely informational narrative. We’re transforming it into an invitation for you to begin your collaboration with DOVU.

In our current plan, these additions include: 

  • Viewing how much DOV users can claim
  • Access to all tokens users currently own, which will then provide them with a multiplier on the DOV they can claim

With one click, users will be able to claim from an address, set up a marketplace account, and stake newly generated DOV.

Users will likely need a foundational knowledge of the DOVU platform, and this is a simple way for them  to understand the platform better.

DOVU’s first step to DAO

But before we put all of this into action, we need to distribute a portion of our Treasury to the community. You can find the current HTS DOV supply here, a tool that was designed and created by the community.

Why? This will help us ensure that our tokens aren’t as centralized as they currently are. At the moment, we have control of 500-600 million tokens. Our aim is to distribute around 200 million of that. 

We plan to do this in a number of ways, including the distribution during Operation Blood Moon, our HTS (Hedera Token) snapshot at 1200 BST on Earth Day, and our (newly launched) staking platform.

All the exact figures for DOV token distribution will be uncovered over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we do have a couple of goals in mind:

  1. To provide a sizable snapshot opportunity of 10 million DOV to our early adopters 
  2. Provide a 2-3 year runway for our various single-sided staking initiatives
  3. Encourage users from other chains to join us on Hedera with the main Blood Moon distribution

The HTS snapshot distribution will be equally shared based on the percentage of circulating HTS DOV users currently hold. 

Estimate how much you will receive with this calculation:

(total HTS DOV you hold / current HTS DOV Supply) *10,000,000

Offset vs claim 

Up until now, we’ve had a focus on ‘DOV to offset.’ But, in terms of distribution, we want to realign the way we frame DOV. We want to focus on individuals that can collaborate with, and contribute to, the project without losing value. 

Initially, we’re gamifying the claiming process so that you may only claim your DOV once. (You’ll need your Ethereum address, Hedera account and email). This means you will have one opportunity to time your claim before our Blood Moon allocation is depleted.

Setting up for success

At first glance, we want this project to have a simple flow and for the user experience to be really easy. Following the success of our staking platform launch, we know this is possible. 

Digging deeper, the planning workflow will consist of identifying whether an address has been claimed, checking what “whitelisted” assets this address may have, and then finally connecting users to the marketplace so that they can claim tokens and stake them instantly from Ethereum to Hedera. 

Our main focus is going to be: what is the simplest and easiest way to generate a marketplace account so that a user can move through the staking workflow quickly? For us, it’s about accessibility for the whole community.

What’s next?

To celebrate Earth Week we set up a special event multiplier for our Beta Stakers. We are so proud to have such a vibrant and excited community – that’s growing every day – that believes in our future. For newcomers, make sure you join our Discord, get involved, and keep up to date with our ongoing, and future, projects.