Monthly Recap #3: Staking Launch

The big news

Last month DOVU staking opened to the public. Alongside the ability to stake HTS DOV, users can also earn rewards via multipliers and the Carbon Calculator

For more info on staking check out our blog post which includes details on how you can claim your rewards too!

We think it’s one of the best staking platforms out there, but don’t just take our word for it…

Hedera22 Hackathon

Global demand for verified carbon offsets is growing. The market for carbon credits is expected to grow significantly by 2030 and could be worth over $50 billion in 2050. But trends show that there is a high risk of supply shock given this demand. 

Growing demand has also highlighted many challenges surrounding the integrity of carbon credits such as:

  1. Difficulties tracking who has been involved in the process of carbon removals. 
  2. Lack of resource or insurance in refunding fraudulent removals. 
  3. Scaling expertise in terms of supply verifiers.

For this year’s Hackathon, the DOVU labs team tackled a difficult question. How do we know we can trust different actors who contribute to the creation and maintenance of carbon removal assets?

They came first place in the DeFi Primitive Challenge with their project, ‘Insuring carbon removals through decentralised reputation’.

They also came second place in the DeFi NFT Challenge with their project, ‘Transforming tokenised ESG markets with reputational insurance smart contracts’.

Events & Interviews

Catch us on the Hashcast podcast and Hedera’s Gossip About Gossip podcast.

DOVU Co-Founders, Krasina and Irfon, will be at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas in June! Consensus by CoinDesk is the biggest festival for the decentralised world, showcasing all that crypto has to offer.

This week…

We’ll be taking a deep dive into our farming projects. We’ll recap how we source, onboard and work with farmers; what the Guardian means for the marketplace; as well as answering some questions like: when will new farms be available on the marketplace (soon) and does sold out carbon have any impact on staking (short answer – no).

Stay tuned for that!

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