Monthly Recap #4: Tokens Held 

The big news

We started the month off with a Tokens Held Multiplier campaign in celebration of the CREETS x Littleinkstain Collab.

Anyone with a full NFT set unlocked the $DOV staking multiplier – which was activated from 6-20 June. At DOVU, we were really excited to be part of this; to support diverse artists and a charitable cause. Find out more about the collaboration here.

To celebrate the collaboration, HelloFutureBuzz hosted a Spaces to talk NFTs and multipliers with Littleinkstain and Warlock (CREETS).


Some of the team travelled to Austin, Texas to attend Consensus 2022.

On one of the evenings, we co-hosted a dinner with HBAR Foundation, with a community of people interested in Web3 and sustainability in attendance. CEO, Irfon Watkins, was also invited to speak on a panel during the event, discussing standards in Web3.

Later in the month, TapX invited us to speak on a Spaces alongside KlimaDAO, Toucan Protocol and Climate Collective. The discussion – focusing on how we can make Web3 green – was led by Luke Judge. Once again CEO, Irfon, spoke on this important topic, alongside speakers from projects also building for the future. 


New on the marketplace: Domaine Coquerel Vineyard, a distillery with 2.45 hectares of apple orchards. These 400 trees are protected under strict rules preventing artificial irrigation and protecting biodiversity and more. They don’t use fertilisers or pesticides in their orchards, which are surrounded by hedgerows teeming with life.

This project is now sold out but you can expect more projects to be onboarded onto the marketplace in July.


And last but not least, an update on our socials.

If you’re on our Telegram channel you will have seen the announcement, but we have decided to move away from Telegram and shift our focus fully onto Discord instead. However, since that announcement we’ve had some feedback and so, for those of you without Discord or Twitter, we will be relaunching the announcements channel on Telegram in place of the chat. This means that you can still get updates on all of the DOVU news and events.

The closing date for the Telegram chat is 8 July, so make sure you’re following us on your preferred channels (links below)!

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