The new CEO of DOVU

Dovu is a long-term project and always has been. We are building a solution to scale carbon offset onboarding, verification, and selling. As we progress, monitoring side benefits such as biodiversity, soil health, and equity becomes increasingly critical.

There is no Planet B

We have formed industry-leading technology partnerships with companies like Hedera and received grants from the Hbar Foundation. This resulted in our platform being used as a case study by GBBC, an exemplar of how to build on a DLT for the Voluntary Ecological Markets.

Our marketplace continues to grow, with new carbon supply and corporate demand. Industry-leading solutions including carbon retirement, AI onboarding of projects, and dMRV aggregation.

Against this backdrop, I am very pleased to announce that one of our founders, Krasina Mileva will be replacing me as CEO as of the 10th of October,  as I move to the role of Chair. 

Starting a business is very different from scaling a business, my skills are strong in the very early stage, the storytelling, culture, and vision setting part of a company’s life.

Krasina is a Lawyer by profession, she has been a Director and Advisor at Dovu since day one, and her process-driven mindset and structured approach will help Dovu as we scale our operations.

Krasina has spent the last 3 years as part of the Leadership team at a global scale -up and bringing external experience alongside her knowledge of Dovu, and the wider Voluntary Carbon Markets ecosystem.

I am staying on as Chair and will be focused on building strategic partnerships within our industry as well as advising Krasina when required.

Matt Smithies continues as our CTO, the best in the industry and I know that Krasina and Matt will take Dovu to new heights.