DOVU Staking Beta Update

[updated 18 April 2022]

After months of preparation, DOVU’s Staking Beta Phase 1, 2 and 3 have been released. 500 whitelisted users have been testing the platform out and providing us with invaluable feedback. 


Before we open staking to the public, we’re planning to run three Staking Beta phases:

  • Phase 1: 50 users (50 total) (started)
  • Phase 2: 100 additional users (150 total) (started)
  • Phase 3: 350 additional users (500 total) (started)

(In a previous post, we only listed the total number of users at each phase. To avoid confusion, we’ve provided more information about the numbers here).


We’re looking for users to give us feedback, and lots of it. Our dedicated Discord channel has been abuzz with comments from everyone involved, including updates from Matt, our CTO. Like everything we’re doing, this is all about building a community of active participants, with a genuine interest in using DLT to address climate change.

Top Metric: DOVU Staking TVL


We’ve also been getting lots of questions on Discord and Twitter. So here’s a Q&A that answers these in one handy place.

Staking Beta access

How do I join the staking programme?

You need to sign up here to the waitlist. You should only sign up once; multiple registrations will not be accepted and will not increase your chances of being chosen.

Is there a separate list for each phase of staking?

We like to keep things simple so we’re using the same list for each phase.

What if I don’t get into any of the Phases?

Once we’ve had feedback from Phase 3 users, we’ll announce public access staking. This is a chance for those that didn’t get into the first three phases to test out the platform. Get notified of public access early by signing up to the waitlist. You will get an email when it goes live.

If I signed up and didn’t get into previous Phases, do I have to sign up again for any future Phases?

No, if you’ve already signed up to the waitlist, you do not need to sign up again for any of the next phases, including public access. Multiple registrations will not increase your chances of being chosen for Beta phases.

I haven’t received an email, did I get into Phase 3?

If you haven’t received an email then you have not been chosen for Phase 3. However, if you have already signed up for Phase 3 and didn’t get in, you will be notified when staking opens for public access. You will receive an email when it goes live.

When will staking be open to the public?

Once the testing phases (1, 2 and 3) are complete, we will open staking to the public. We will announce this on our socials. Follow us there so you don’t miss it.

How staking works

Is there a minimum amount of DOV tokens I need in order to stake?


What is expected of me, if I get into the Staking Beta?

Like with any great beta test, we’re looking for feedback — and lots of it. You’ll be expected to share details of your experience, and, if you have any ideas for improvement, to contribute those too.

After all, we’re building a community of active participants in our project. If you want to get a better idea of DOVU’s future, check out this recent explainer of our vision.

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